Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Need

The need for cross-curricular materials and resources is evident in the STEMM schools being developed across the United States. The Dayton Regional STEM School, part of the Ohio STEM Learning Network, states that STEM schools incorporate inquiry and project based learning into the “traditional” STEM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and integrate with social studies, language arts, and art courses. My lessons start with math content standards from the current common core standards and incorporate cross-curricular lessons in other subject areas. Each lesson is independent and shows a wide array of cross-curricular planning. These lessons may be better developed with the collaboration of subject area teachers in the conjoining field, however a connection to content is established on each lesson. The bulk of my research is in the need of cross-curricular planning and the importance of these connections. One of the earliest learning theories, associationism indicates that learning occurs from experiences. This statement comes from Aristotole’s ‘De memoria et reminiscentia,’ (Tracye & Morrow, p. 21) for this reason, the bulk of these cross-curricular lessons will be based on project-based experiences and inquiry-based learning. Give Them an Inch They'll Take a Mile This lesson explores the use of maps and the relationships of area. Often in classes, area is a rectangle that can be measured. What happens if there is no ruler? What is the area? Check out this lesson and let me know your thoughts.

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