Friday, November 30, 2012

In like a "Lion"

First week on the job. So I took a long-term sub position this week. I started on Tuesday because I wanted to go in on Monday after-school and setup my classroom. It's a tough situation where the students have had no structure all year! I mean for over 14 weeks. So...I came in and it's going...OK. What's going right? The decor and room setup. I arranged the desks in a U-shape so I can see all faces, and see the name tags I placed on every desk. Opps! I didn't take a pic of that...I'll have to add it later. I have white boards for each subject to alert students to the Objective, Agenda & HW. Yep, got those at Lowes. I bought a $13 piece of "whiteboard" in the paneling dept., asked them to cut it into 1' x 1' sections and now I have 32 whiteboards and since I have 22 students in my largest class...I have 6 whiteboards for my "announcements" and 3 for gifts. Those boards got an extra touch, some duct tape boarders and some ribbon hot-glued and taped down.
Next to the white boards are 3 frames with scrapbook paper...the glass is great with the dry erase markers too! The masking tape headers help keep the headers in tack when erasing. I love this! On the desks in the blue milk crate are the "mailboxes" and the kids love having their own mailbox for absent work and pass backs. The box on the floor is the lost and found and well it's full so now I don't know what to do with the stuff.
I've added a touch of home with my Lilo and Stitch Lithos and my Ohana message.
And of course the class wouldn't be complete without the Ninny Muggins poster! (see post below)

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