Monday, April 15, 2013

Framing Objectives

I great way to get objectives across is to frame them. Below are two styles. One is a whiteboard framed with packing tape, the other is a frame with scrapbook paper inside and a dry erase marker on the glass. Framing the objective is appealing and gives students a common place to look for whats happening in class.

Whiteboard Wisdom

I spiced up the white panel board I purchased at Lowes with packing tape. What a cheap, handy project.

I use the whiteboards for displaying homework assignments and daily objectives. Hanging these boards saves the large whiteboard for daily lessons.

Students use the whiteboards for quick checks of skills.

Creative Crates

One of my favorite teacher tools is the file/milk crate.

Milk Mate Mailboxes

I use expanding hanging folders for each class period and file folders with each student's name. This is how I return papers to students and I even place handouts in their "mailbox" if they are absent so they can collect all their work with they return.

Crate Seat

Another idea I'm working on I got from A crate seat.

Book Box

Place the crate on it's side and use it to hold classroom books.

Tech Trunk

Use a crate to store a class set of iPads and easily take them where you are working.

Wipe Desk

Secure a white board to the top of the crate and use it as a writing desk.

Meme Monday

tan line
math jokes in memes

After exploring some of these memes in class give your students the assignment to create their own.

Create a meme rubric

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tech Tip Tuesday is a great platform to get started delivering online content to your students if your school is not currently subscribed to an online LMS (learning management system). It’s free and you can share video, make students accountable for using it, and hold private discussions for your class.

For more information:

Monday, April 8, 2013

Meme Monday

sin b / tan b = cos b (explore with your students)
math jokes in memes

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tech Tip Tuesday

Teachers Pay Teachers is a website where teachers showcase their best lessons. Yes, there are lessons for sale, but some of the best, easy to use lessons are available online for FREE. Each teacher is required to offer at least one lesson for free and many teachers offer more. You can find lessons about anything or request someone compose a lesson on a topic and you can determine the rate you will pay.

For more in-depth information: TPT website

Monday, April 1, 2013

Meme Monday

Be rational, Get real
math jokes in memes