Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hump Day Humor

SmartBoard Resources

If your smart goals or goals in general are related to technology or using the SmartBoard you may want to start with online tutorials. These videos are really very good at stepping you through the creation of lessons and activities.

SMART Technologies Videos

Want to start with something already created?
Visit the Smart Exchange from within your Smart Notebook.

Introduction to SmartNotebook: Video

Enhanced Skills SmartNotebook: Video

Math Tools SmartNotebook: Video

Additionally, there are online tutorials. I suggest you use your laptop right next to your desktop. Follow along with your desktop computer as you watch the tutorial on your laptop. This way you don't have to remember the steps you can follow along and pause the video tutorial as needed.Visit the link, go a quarter of the way down the page, find the getting started section, open the more link, select the tutorial that interests you.

Getting Started Self-paced Tutorials