Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Teacher Resolution: Start A Blog

For the first tech tip of the new year I suggest you start a blog. If you are reading this you can start a blog right now by selecting the B icon for Blogger or you can start a blog on another site. I like blogger because it is connected to my Google account with no new login. I can share the blog links via email or share to popular social media like Twitter and Facebook. What should your blog be about?

Your blog could be for parents. It could be an online newsletter that parents can read, or meant for other teachers regarding what you are doing in your classroom.  What works, what didn't quite work like you planned. You can blog monthly, weekly, or even daily. Best part, it's easier to maintain than a webpage. Your blog will be dated by the date you posted. You can make drafts that only you can see and publish when/if you are ready. I like how for my readers my blogs are sorted by month and year (see blog archive) and I can add pictures and links to other sites. 

Today's blog was even done on my new mini iPad through the Blogger app. I've never been successful (yet) updating my webpage with a tablet. A blog isn't quite as advanced as a personal webpage but still allows for creativity, personality, and record keeping. 

Happy 2014!