Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Parody Project

As a classroom assignment this fall I wanted to show students what can happen when you share stuff on the Internet.  Not just pictures like some teachers (see reference) but the entire idea of sharing.  A huge part of middle school technology curriculum includes responsible use of technology and digital citizenship.

I crafted a cross-curricular lesson to cover a wide-array of topics through one parody video project.

We started the project with excerpts from the Frontline video Generation Like.

I discussed with students how companies create memes to promote their products and we created memes using and Google search options for copyright free images to create memes. 

We used Google drawing to create our intro/outro drawings of technology.  Students learned about layers and using shapes, borders and colors.

Then we used to brainstorm things in our life that are Techy. 

 Then in English class students worked in groups to all create a version of Get Techy the working title of our parody.

We discussed fair use, copyright, and parodies in both tech and English classes. (see lesson plan)

Students recorded music, and videos and put together a music video with technology and dancing??  Yes dancing!  Apparently all good music videos have dancing.  

We were able to discuss getting permission to film and putting our subjects in a good light through our project. 

Now is the time to share the video: Techy 

We will continue our conversation using analytics to track our views.  Did the views come from Google?  Facebook? Twitter? Instagram?  Somewhere else?

This lesson isn't over but has included a fun journey; a journey where students from a small town don’t think they can make an impact globally but I want to show them that EVERYONE can make an impact on the world. 

The project plan:

Thank you to ALL my colleagues that made this project possible and supported the students with this all-inclusive project!!!

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