Tuesday, June 2, 2015

So, you want to be a computer technology teacher in Ohio.

When I decided I wanted to teach computer technology for grades K-12 I realized I first needed to get a license.  But who offers a license in computer technology?  There are currently two options in Ohio. A license in Computer Information Science or an endorsement on your current license in Computer Technology. Below I outline how you can pursue either of those options.

Get a Master’s Degree in P-12 Education
A free-standing license in Computer Information Science is only available at Wright State University but you can get updated information on licensing programs through the Ohio Board of Regents.
While both computer teaching options are at the graduate level, there are a few more options for the computer technology endorsement.

Weighing advice
I was told by one principal get the computer technology license as quick as possible, look into the Alternative Licensure Program.  He said there aren’t as many computer teacher openings but the last opening he had was open for 6 months and he only had three applicants.  For math positions he had nearly 200 applicants. He said if you get the technology credentials, you will get the job. Other school districts said, we need math and science teachers more often than computer teachers so there are more jobs available.  Get a license in Integrated Mathematics. 

Alternative/Supplemental license options
The alternative license program allows you to start teaching after taking some online coursework.  My undergrad was in Management Information Systems and I had the computer courses necessary to teach the subject area so this was a viable choice. Ultimately I wanted options.  I wanted to teach computer technology but I got my license in Integrated Mathematics. By having a license in a core subject area I was able to add my computer information science license as a supplemental license.   This was really easy.  Make sure you either already have the coursework or take the coursework under supervision of a mentor and within two years you can progress your supplemental license to stand alone.  
See…you have options. 

Icing the cake
No matter what option you choose at some time through the progression (prior to the license, or in years 1 or 2) you will need to take the appropriate licensure exam.

010                                   Computer Information Science
016/017                            Computer/Technology (Subtests I & II)

Good luck becoming a computer technology teacher.  It’s a blast!!!