Saturday, August 22, 2015

CS50x – Cedarville Launch

I launched my CS50x teaching experience on August 19, 2015.  I started the course by passing out a syllabus with my expectations and discussed what the class would be about.  I shared with students some successes my middle school students experienced via coding in my classroom last year and why we were expanding to a high school course this year.  I shared that the course was put on the books as Coding and Apps in January but was somewhat modified over the summer to become 

CS50x-Cedarville: Coding and Apps a course that would study computer science and would use tools such as programming languages to create applications to be displayed as final projects in April 2016.

We discussed that we would have opportunities to create individually and as a group.  Our first class included binary math in which I invited students to the head of the class to write the binary equivalent to our typical base 10 numbers.  (I don't have lights nor did I have the opportunity to recreate that demo.) Those lucky volunteers were awarded with sunglasses that I picked up at the Ohio State Fair after giving my personal information to places like Fiat and 5-hour Energy just so I could have “gifts” for my students.  

My course that will be delivered via Schoology, our choice LMS, warned students about the extent of the work involved, but that it may likely be one of their most memorable classes this year.  I began class with a station on Pandora (long story…I queued up different music and the wifi went out so I had to switch to plan B and I don’t have a team) Entense Techno was the playlist and I turned off all the lights just before the bell and turned on stage lights. #HavePlanB

I discussed throughout this 3-day launch some technology history and since I do not have the halls of memorabilia as at Harvard I created a tech timeline
Technology Timeline

My students’ first assignment was to add to it (due Monday). 

To introduce the Tech Timeline assignment we used Feature Flix Friday to review some clips and discuss technology (not computers specifically yet) and the thought process involved when analyzing a situation or solving a problem.  I chose to use Back to the Future II as my Friday Flick (entire playlist below).

Looking to next week:

I have queued up the What is a computer?  And What is computing?  Modules adding the video - Which is on the plate for Monday & Tuesday of the upcoming week and lookout for Peanut Butter Jelly Time on Wednesday.

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