Saturday, September 26, 2015

CS50xCedarville Week 5

In week 5
Back to Greedy, starting with a short on Floats and the Fahrenheit lesson. This lesson is a new addition not part of the CS50 edx course. I love taking it from this angle and only talking about the floats here.  That was a much better approach for my students.

Then a quiz on Tuesday, and the writing of our Greedy pseudocode.  The quiz checked if they could call a directory independently, compile, run and use the correct syntax for a ‘for loop’. 

At the end of the week I actually pulled the students on a different project.  This project included reviewing a student survey within the district. The survey was anonymous but I shared the results via an .xlsx file.  Then I challenged students to pull three pieces of information from the survey that was immediately apparent by looking at the results.  For example, use a =Countif statement to see how many people used the word “stupid” when describing their classes.  Or see use an =If statement to see if students that believe education in America is failing also play sports or don’t play sports. Are there any correlations.  Essentially, we used some code to review a survey and draw some conclusions about our school survey.  This was a neat opportunity to see how we can use the tool of programming outside our classroom.  information about Excel formulas:

Oh, and since it wasn’t quite time for a feature flick we found some humor with the IKEA catalog video. 

Looking ahead: continue Greedy

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