Sunday, March 13, 2016

Tech Integration: Test Preparation

It's that time of the year again to talk state testing.  (Sorry!)

Many of you have been preparing students all year for the content of what will be tested but there is that factor of how will technology impact the testing process.

The Ohio Department of Education put out resources to explain some of the types of questions and how to navigate them.  Each "tutorial" that is marked HTML is a video without sound that explains different question types.

I break down some ways you can practice these specific skills below.  Additionally reference my blog and videos regarding online testing from last year.  The videos are specific to Schoology and Google Drive. Although the test last year was PARCC the AIR/TIDE tools work similarly online.

The types of questions that can be delivered via Schoology tests are:

Note: Google Forms and Google Docs are different tools available from the Chrome Browser and on Chromebooks.
Constructed Response
Use Google Forms, Schoology short-answer tests, and Word text boxes to have students typing a constructed response in a text box.  (Google docs does not have text boxes per se but you can add a Google Drawing that includes a text box and type in the box that way.)

Writing Extended Response
Use Google Forms, or Schoology short-answer tests.  You may also have students create a blog via Blogger or Kidblog to practice extended responses.  Schoology discussion posts will also provide a space to reply to a prompt.  Those of you that use Moby Max will also find opportunities to create essay prompts for students to practice.

Google Docs and Google Sheets allow students to practice creating equations via an equation editor.

See video for creating Matching tests in Schoology.

Multi Select
The best way I've found to practice this is with Google Forms check boxes.  They allow you to choose more than one answer.

Multiple Choice
Different from multi select multiple choice only includes one correct answer.  You can practice creating multiple choice questions using both Google Forms and Schoology tests.

You can practice the various inputs demonstrated in this video by using a Google Form but to see the results of a simulation you can use something like Make a Pizza.

Table Item
This question type can be practiced by having students create a table in Google Docs or practice typing in a Google Sheet. Or view this simple Spreedsheet Tutorial

Hot Text
Students could practice arranging text as in the Hot Text by creating their own Google Form instead of filling out a form created by the teacher.  In Schoology the ordering question allows students to put data in order so they can practice if you create a quiz using the ordering question type.

Additionally, John Mansel-Pleydell M.Ed of the Northwest Ohio Computer Association has prepared an awesome reference of tools to use with students regarding technology skills involved with testing.

Hope these resources help.