Tuesday, July 24, 2018

30-day Countdown til school starts -- Day 30

After a whirlwind of a summer it's difficult to think that school begins in 30 days. So far this summer I completed my first post-masters class in school administration, participated in my daughter's June wedding, read content for CTE test questions, attended code.org training, and participated in the opening days of our county fair.

Now it's time to start piecing it all together to start a new year. One thing I've learned after teaching 5 years of K - 12 education is that having a plan to guide the year is crucial.  I lay out the year, the quarter, and each online course with supplemental material.  Then probably change 1/2 of it before the end of quarter one but at least I'm not scrambling.  In the CS world everything seems to be changing.  As if the mandates and expectations of teaching don't change enough, as in SLOs, RESA, standards are common core, not common core, technology standards vs. computer science standards then there is the whole issue that we are not using Windows 7 anymore, and Google Suite, Schoology, Office 365 (the tech) looks different but then it's time to learn Python because JavaScript isn't good enough and I always struggle with where to put my time.

This summer we are taking our summer vacation at the end of this week.  It's later in the summer but gives me two full weeks to prep before students arrive. I hope to document the next 30-days with resources AND experiences.

I will be teaching Digital Design Productions, a student-based enterprise course where students will be using various tools to design products that can be sold online. I will be teaching Technology Communications where I have students learn about social media marketing, web commerce, video production, and blogging to explore communication online and via various forms of technology. I will be teaching 6 & 7 grade computer technology courses and AP CSP.  None of these courses have district adopted curriculum so it's nice that I get to decide what to teach but also the biggest part of the challenge. 

I'm starting with AP CSP, at least it has curriculum out there already laid out within it's own set of standards and learning objectives for the course. This year I'm still using the FREE Harvard CS50 but supplementing it with code.org and using App Inventor as the initial project to garner interest in using mobile devices.

Since my students have the benefit of having computer technology courses in middle school I will be taking a lot of the code.org material and introducing it at the middle school level.  Code.org has specific middle school content so I will be looking at how the AP CSP and Discoveries curriculum integrates with each other.

Thank you for following me as a put together this plan for the new school year.

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