Thursday, July 26, 2018

30-day Countdown til school starts -- Day 28

So, it's that time of the day to recap and although it's the summer I'm prepping for a new school year.  I wanted to get so much more done today but, unlike yesterday when being a parent "got in the way" today it was those darn supplemental contracts.  You know that thing you do for pretty much zero extra pay that takes a lot of your time. I am a class adviser and today I shared in a lot of conversation and research about activities that are essentially extra-curricular. Powder Puff and Prom. Trying to figure out why all these phone calls are taking so much time. And I have help!! In addition to not quite reaching my goals on the front of prepping classes I realized some things about my prep.

1) Ohio has new Computer Science Standards.  They are still in draft form but I thought I should read them and compare them to CSTA and the current Ohio Technology standards. 
I felt so unproductive because nothing formal was completed.  I looked over standards to see what were included expectations for grades 6 - 12.

2) My SMART goal(s) are generally written the first quarter of school.  Maybe anticipating that the goals need to be written that is something I should consider writing and make goals BEFORE school starts.

3) My SLO tests are created by myself as I'm not a state-tested subject. I have used the same test for the last 5 years and students come in with scores of 10 - 15% and leave with scores 70%+ and this is really good because I only see my middle school students in 9-week rotations.  BUT as well as they have been growing on these tests I thought it was time to create a list of things students should know by the end of 8th grade so I could test toward those things. Not only do I want to test these skill I think these skills will be used across curriculum.  I'd love to get more in-depth with actual computer science but I make sure a lot of CS gets in while supporting use of applications that will be used in core high school curriculum. Keeping in mind that my students rotate in 9-week sections it's not feasible to do a lot of the curriculum out there for CS that is designed for an entire year.

See my list below of competencies/specific learning objectives (not standards) to see if you agree because that is pretty much all I completed that I can show on day 28. LOL

8th grade minimum requirements
Students can

  • create a folder in a drive
  • use a flash drive
  • use the hard drive
  • use Google drive
    • change the color of the folder
  • differentiate between drives 
    • understand a cloud drive requires Internet access
  • rename folders and drives
  • differentiate between save & save as
  • save files as a different file type than the default for the program
    • i.e. save .xlsx to .csv or .docs to .pdf or .txt
    • recognize they cannot simply rename the file with the file type
  • understand what an operating system is and does
  • understand the difference between editable files such as .prel and .wlmp or .ai and final files such as .mp4, .mpg, .png
  • understand basic syntax of HTML5 tags and incorporating CSS
    • Note: other coding skills should be introduced but this is a minimum
    • compare and contrast creating a website from a text editor vs. Google Sites and Weebly
      • recognize that website builders still use HTML and CSS in the back end
    • compare and contrast editors such as Notepad, Coffee Cup, CodePen, and Dreamweaver.
  • Identify responsible use of technology
    • understand copyright laws
      • use and create images
      • understand the value of taking own photography
    • have strategies against plagiarism
      • demonstrate varied research techniques
    • understand Internet safety
      • create and remember secure passwords
      • understand personal information
      • recognize unsafe activity
      • guard against malware
  • Edit photos and video

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