Monday, August 6, 2018

30-day Countdown til school starts -- Day 26

July 27, 2018

I tried to say that I did nothing back-to-school related on day 26. Then I write how how the day unfolded. In the morning I got new keys for my car. My key quit working so in a key less car that is rather unfortunate and the dealership wanted to charge me $400 but I found a local locksmith (Baker's Locksmith) who programmed 2 keys for that price! Then I got an oil change but look at the condition they left my car.
oil stain floor
Driver's side floor
Passenger side door 
Driver's side door

Driver's side ceiling
I was not going to say who but the thing about posting my updates a week late is I contacted Grismer-Springfield and they have not bothered to respond to my contact so here is my official note that the front desk is polite, they always take "too long" in comparison to other places for similar services.  1 hour for a scheduled oil change, 2 hours for a scheduled tire replacement. I went in for a FREE oil change and tire rotation that came with the tires I purchased from them.  I left paying $80 for new filters.  An engine filter and cabin filter but hey we were leaving on vacation so I was OK with that maintenance.  The photos let you know what care they took of my car that was just interior detailed a month prior and was in very clean condition prior to our vacation. 😠😠😠

Then I had to deal with my leaking pool, see Social Media: perceptions: Owning a Pool, link posted soon. We took our sons-in-law to dinner for their birthdays that are within 2 weeks of each other. Then came home to pack for vacation. Whew. 

But mixed n there between oil change and pool I stopped at the Springfield Masonic Community to discuss property rental for prom and the details of their print shop related to my Digital Production Concepts course. After dinner I bought this for my classroom at Cracker Barrel Country Store. 

I guess no matter how busy I am, I'm still always a teacher, even in the summer.

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