Monday, August 6, 2018

30-day Countdown til school starts -- Day 20


This post would have been very different if I wrote it on the beach during the day.  I almost did, but decided I needed to wait until the end of the day.  This was our beach day and we spent time playing in the water, and I sat under an umbrella for most of the day when everyone else went inside. After sitting on the beach, reading and writing it was approaching time to get ready for dinner.  Showers etc. We had plans at 7:30 to do a kayaking tour so dinner needed to be at 5. I stood up and looked at myself and thought "I don't look like I've been in Florida." I run into this a lot teaching.  I can say Bill got it and Jill did not. I watched them do activities but I dislike giving tests, I prefer application.  I don't like grading, I know I can automate it. But, none the less I need proof.  Sometimes I don't like to test because then a topic like directory may not be known and I think it should and that's frustrating and I know in a few weeks if they don't know what a directory is now they will soon.  And I don't want them studying for a test to get it correct but I have to announce tests so students can study but I know that does not mean they know anything because will they know it to use it in 2 weeks? 

Anyway, I wanted proof so 20-30 minutes outside of the umbrella should make it more obvious I was in FL.  Well, sure, all the sunscreen and tanning lotion has washed off.  So this is what it got me. More than a burn, pain and a headache. So totally worth it to prove my experience.  A perfectly good day ratcheted by the need to prove to others my progress. To look a certain way. 

3 days later :(
Now thank goodness we could salvage the day and have an experience and I kept pressing on determined to turn things around but there definitely was a down moment.

As far as proof in the classroom.  I've been working on a badge system so that students can earn badges when they successfully complete a skill i.e. save without help For me it's a way to celebrate skills instead of vocabulary. I'm hoping the vocabulary is coming through the skill reinforcement. Generally it seems to.

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