Monday, August 6, 2018

30-day Countdown til school starts -- Day 19


On this day I don't have much to reflect on.  I spent most of the day driving.  We did go to the Dinosaur store in Cape Canaveral before leaving.  This was a suggestion of Sebastian our tour guide from kayaking the night before. The Waze app sent me on an unnecessary detour through Savannah, GA.  This leads me to the question of how much to trust technology.  We came up with several ways to improve Waze. For example, if you are going to alert people to a pothole, name the lane.  If you want to reroute someone, ask if they want to take the alt route instead of rerouting, and if you are going to announce there are police up ahead list if they are scanning traffic or if they have someone pulled over and again, what side. 

We used Expedia to choose a hotel for the night but the site was done.  Another issue regarding tech.  We had to call.  We found on the way down going up to a hotel at the last minute may not be the best strategy.

The negative to taking our time is we didn't have time at any of our hotels to enjoy any of the amenities they actually did offer whether it be the pool or popcorn in the lobby.

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