Monday, August 6, 2018

30-day Countdown til school starts -- Day 17

Tax-free day

We are home and went shopping for back-to-school.  I know if we wait too late into August the prices go up on supplies, there is not as much variety and so might as well take advantage of tax-free.

There were choices to make too.  What coupons to use, what sales to take advantage of, and when did tax-free matter?  I looked at planners something I have been considering all summer.  I generally use Google Calendar as my planner. See previous posts google-calendar-for-work-and-home & google-calendar-lesson-planning

I also though have this awful habit of writing things down in a monthly view and of course there is that detailed lesson plan for a sub or when you're getting evaluated. ;-) I'm trying to streamline the process and hope to have that worked out over the next couple days but my daughter and I decided step one would include printing our own pages on pretty paper instead of buying a planner so we are going to start here.

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