Monday, August 6, 2018

30-day Countdown til school starts -- Day 24


A day of driving and decisions.  Do we take the alt route?  Do we stop for coffee, the bathroom?  Will we make it to Florida while they are still giving away free orange juice at the Welcome Center?  After leaving Chattanooga we immediately are in Georgia and you know none of these Welcome Centers have gift shops.  

We probably should not have stopped as it wasn't necessary and just made Georgia last longer. I kept reading my book and my daughter learned about downloading movies while on WiFi versus streaming. I don't even remember eating lunch.  

I'm sure we did but we ate dinner at Outback.  Against my "let's not eat at a chain" plan but it was open at midnight so, well there's that. :-) 

My take away for the day was,"Don't Expect to a an Expert." This works for both travel and teaching.  There are somethings you just won't know. 

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